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Against theTide

Against theTide

Caines Island sits just outside the mouth of the Charleston River. Trees drip with Spanish moss and the scent of magnolia blossoms. After her husband’s death in an accident, Callie has two things: the island house she inherited from her aunt and a fierce determination to raise her infant daughter on Caines Island. But even in this idyllic spot, trouble comes Callie’s way.

While dealing with her own mental health issues, her mother launches and incessant campaign for Callie to return to Columbia. With the help of her island friends, Callie makes selling seafood more viable and becomes frustrated when her mother doesn’t see her plans as realistic.

And now, as a hurricane threatens her livelihood when it wreaks havoc on the small island Callie must heal the rift with her mother and overcome the obstacles faced by women in 1970s society while remaining true to herself. Along the way, she comes to understand how history, both family and national, affects those closest to her. Against the Tide follows Callie as she fights to remain on the island and live a life of her choosing.

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