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Where are you Spring???

I've been asking that question since the unseasonably warm spells of January. But I think now my favorite time of year is nearly here. Spring. Temperatures are rising, although many days still have a chill in the air. Leaves from my perennials are peeking up through the soil. My daffodils finally have buds and has actually bloomed. I once bemoaned the fact that my daffodils bloomed later than others in my neighborhood. But hey, mine will be here when theirs have wilted.

Why did it take so long for me to recognize this simple fact? How much time do we waste worrying over simple things beyond our control. We cannot control time or the weather. All we can do is control those things we do to bring meaning and joy to our life. Even now in retirement, I have to stop periodically and ask myself, what meaningful and joyful activities am I pursuing?

For me, joy and meaning activities include anything involving my family. Then there’s working in my flower beds and watching the birds at my backyard feeder. Of course, there’s also writing and participating in my writers club events which foster a sense of community among all writers.

Coming out of a period where I let my boundaries grow looser and I became more frazzled, I’ve resolved to reestablish the boundaries necessary for my physical and mental health.

This will let me do the things I love and not get burned out. I have to remind myself that burn out doesn’t occur only because something is arduous or unfulfilling, but also because we sometimes try to do too much of a thing we love.

February was much more pleasant with this slight shift in attitude, and I will strive to maintain this point of view. I’ve been able to make significant headway on my work in progress, Low Tide, a prequel to the novel I released last fall. I’ve sold a few books. The birds cluster around the feeders and the flowers remind me spring will be here soon. I am reminded life is good.

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