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December Thoughts with Blustery Winds and a bit of Janus

December this year seems on intent on clearing out 2022 with whistling winds reaching beyond blustery. Coupled as the winds are with temperatures in the teens and a forecast to reach single digits on at least one day, these last few days before Christmas remind me of my time in Pennsylvania. There, the ground would be covered with ice and snow. Oh, I do not miss it.

At least here and now, I don’t have to drive to work every day. I just walk across the room to my laptop. Opening the blind covering the window by my desk, I see my faithful Carolina wren perched on the back of my patio furniture. His distant cousins, doves, cardinals and bluebirds, flit on and around the feeders. Soon he too will be at the feeder, but he stops to say hello before flitting off to join the others.

As the winds diminish, I’m hopeful there will be a prompt restoration of power for those who lost it in the fierce winds of yesterday. It’s too cold to be without heat. A back-up generator and gas logs ensure I will stay warm in this frigid weather. I’m grateful to have celebrated the Christmas holiday with my family the weekend before. No need to worry about their potential encounter with black ice on route to me. An unexpected bonus as each family begins their own Christmas traditions.

I’ve spent much of these last few days in reflection, and this December I feel has a bit of Janus in it. We usually think of the Roman god of endings, transitions, and beginnings in January since its roots are in his name. However, the last weeks of December are a time of passage and rightfully under Janus' purview. A time when we look forward to a new year as we enjoy this last holiday of the year. As always, I wish you Peace, Love and Joy, however you celebrate the season.

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